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From eco-friendly cleaning supplies to package-free groceries, we've got your sustainability needs covered. Our selection extends beyond what's listed here, and we have more exciting additions on the horizon.

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Join the Zero-Waste Movement

Transitioning to a 'zero-waste' lifestyle is a journey, and you're in excellent company. Let's come together and make a positive impact.

  • Tare. Place your empty container on the scale and weigh it.
  • Tag. Scan a tag and attach it to your container.
  • Fill. Fill your container with product.
  • Checkout. When you are done, head to the checkout counter.
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Together, we can make a change. Join us in the pursuit of a plastic-free world.

Why Bridge Refill Market?

Positive Impact

Your Purchase, Your Impact: Every refill you make helps prevent plastic waste and protects our environment.


Sustainable Choices: Discover products that minimize your carbon footprint and reduce plastic consumption.


Join Our Community: Be a part of a compassionate and nonjudgmental environment where everyone's journey towards zero waste is welcomed.


From a globetrotter's awakening to a sustainable living advocate. Learn how Bridge Refill Market was born out of a commitment to make a positive change.

Christine Twining, the owner of Bridge Refill Market, embarked on her journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle while living in six different countries in the last 20 years.

With each move, she became increasingly conscious of her shopping habits, questioning the necessity of her purchases. This awareness extended to her consumption patterns, where she noticed the wastage of food and the environmental impact of her choices. She was shocked to discover that even her cleaning supplies were harmful, and their containers weren't recycled due to product residues.

Realizing the dire reality of plastic recycling rates, Christine was driven to make a change. Despite initially opting for sustainable and organic products, she still encountered plastic waste and excessive packaging. This frustration motivated her to establish Bridge Refill Market in Erie, a zero-waste store. Christine's journey exemplifies the drive to create a better, more responsible future, urging others to shop differently, smarter, and be the change they wish to see.